Save the pixel, Save your message

What if you could make your website more successful just by tweaking it a little bit here and there instead of doing a complete makeover?

In his book “Save the Pixel” Ben Hunt explains why web design is much more then simply adding fancy images to an website, showing that design has more then one side. Focusing on the information architecture perspective Ben suggests that web designers should bring the “I’m in the right place to get what I want” message across effectively by simplifying the sites design. As a measure of success designers can use the formula “Success = Attention / Stuff” as a guideline.

The more stuff (pictures, gradients or any other kind of visual elements) you have on each page, the lower the chance that visitors feel like they’re in the right place. Every element should justify it’s existence by providing useful and succinct information, direct his/her attention or create a feeling that communicates the goals of the site. Designer should get rid of any unnecessary stuff that doesn’t serve that purpose.

Ben gives excellent tips on structuring website, be sure to visit his blog (webdesign from scratch) for high quality tips free of charge.