Help killing Internet Explorer 6

Help killing Internet Explorer 6 using the banner provided on the linked website.

Most of you certainly know that there are huge differences between different browsers and a lot of people still use Internet Explorer 6 which was released back in 2001. And 8 years are quite a long time for the ever changing internet. It’s time to help people to realize that they have to upgrade. Web developers can not just keep on hacking around the bugs of IE6. In order to improve the internet (and probably help yourself) add this banner on your website.

During the browser wars, IE became the spearhear of innovation. Microsoft introduced a lot of useful features like the XMLHttpRequest which is used for AJAX. However most of the features were not changed to be compilant to the recent standards and therefore cause a lot of troubles for webdevelopers.

With the IE6 becoming the most widespread browser and clearly winning the browser wars, Microsoft stopped investing into browser technology since browsers become more and more capable of being a platform for  crossplatform application development. Innovation stalled until the rise of the open source browser firefox, the “grandson” of netscape navigator.